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Our Hosting Services provide best in cloud and compliant infrastructure that eliminates the need to manage, upgrade or replace old, on premise equipment. Hosting virtually eliminates Capital Expenditures and provides Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service organizations to leverage Operational Expenditures which align with their business.

Looking to put a foot in the cumulus (a little cloud joke)?  Fortitude Technology makes the transition to cloud seamless and quick. Combine our infrastructure, technology and your business needs to integrate your existing environment for test and development or geographic redundancy.

Is it time to move your environment to a platform for security or regulatory purposes?  Utilize our infrastructure to minimize your on-site investments and build your cloud with us.

Looking to increase the efficiency of your business, take the limits off of your compute power, and improve your data availability and security?  Work with our team to get your critical, business applications into your new Fortitude Technology cloud hosted solution.