Not all clouds and definitely not all solutions are created equally. At Fortitude Technology we took the approach to use enterprise-class, Best in Cloud technologies from VMware, Cisco, Dell-EMC, Nimble, Intel and Veeam. Our customers are running business critical applications and need to know their cloud infrastructure supports their need for performance, availability, scalability, resilience, and security.

Your cloud infrastructure needs to be ‘Set it and Forget it.’  Delivery of your service needs to be seamless regardless if you are running mission-critical business applications, storing mass amounts of data, or delivering the latest online solution to your users.  Fortitude Technology’s cloud infrastructure makes sure you can deliver for your business.

We partner with world-leading manufacturers to produce solutions that limit downtime, provide unparalleled security and are backed with experienced technical support for maintenance, monitoring and service.

Our Data Centers are Buzz Word Compliant and Keep You in Business!

  • Redundant Cooling:
    The data center floor is fed by individual, redundant Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC/CRAH) units
    Kept at 72 degrees and 45% humidity at all times
    Critical airflows are monitored for hydrogen at all times, and temperature and humidity sensors are placed throughout our facility
  • Redundant Power:
    Multiple power delivery units (PDU) / Multiple UPS’
    Multiple backup generators
    ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) and ATO (Automated Throw-Over) to switch between service grids and generators
  • Redundant Networks:
    Optically Neutral facility fed by two separate fiber vaults
    All fiber enters the facility via two divergent routes and into a secure fiber pop