• Partners

Fortitude Technology is focused on the Partner Community. We provide the right resources at the right time for you to succeed in the Cloud market. With the Fortitude’s Core 4 Solutions we empower Partners to drive revenue and focus on their business. We provide technical support on the pre-sales side, marketing and implementation support on the post sales side. Whether you want to take advantage of your existing customer base to grow revenue and increase your position within the account or are looking to expand to new markets Fortitude Technology is here to help.

Why This Market

  • Lots of Business Doing Backups

    By 2020, 30% of organizations will leverage backup for more than just operational recovery (e.g., disaster recovery, test/development, DevOps, etc.), up from less than 10% at the beginning of 2016

  • Business Leaders Want to Control The Cloud

    By 2018, 70% of business and application Owners will have more self-service control over their data protection services, up from 30% today

  • Long-term Storage Requirements Drive the Cloud

    2020, over 40% of organizations will supplant long-term backup with archiving systems — up from 20% in 2015.

We Can Help Your Business

  • Maintain Account Control

  • Increase Revenue

  • Leverage Current Customers

  • Expand Portfolio / Solution

  • Create Annuity Stream

  • White/Grey label

Partner Resources

  • Sales Materials

  • Co-Branding Support

  • Events

  • Ease of Relationship

Marketing Manager

  • Technical Account Manager

  • Sales Training

  • Pre-Sales Technical Support

  • Post Sales Service & Support